League Board of Directors (as of 12/01/2021)

The LVHH Board of Directors consists of members elected and appointed from designated representatives or alternates of our member institutions. The Board has general charge of the affairs of the League and it’s members serve for terms of three years or until their successors are elected and qualify. The Executive Director, elected as Chairman-Elect, serves for six years or until his successor has been elected and qualifies. The Board serves without pay and they receive no fees for attendance at meetings of the Board.

See below for the current League Board of Directors.

ArchCareScott LaRue
Interfaith Medical CenterLaRay Brown
Jamaica Hospital Medical CenterBruce J. Flanz
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical CenterPaul Rosenfeld
Maimonides Medical CenterKenneth D. Gibbs
Metropolitan Jewish Health SystemDavid Wagner
Montefiore Medical CenterPhilip O. Ozuah, MD, PhD
Mt. Sinai Health SystemKenneth L. Davis, MD
New York Methodist HospitalRobert Guimento
Northwell Health Michael J. Dowling
NY PresbyterianSteven J. Corwin, MD
NYU Langone HealthJoseph J. Lhota
Parker Jewish InstituteMichael N. Rosenblut
Riverside Health Care System, Inc.Ronald J. Corti
St. Barnabas HospitalDavid Perlstein, MD
The Brooklyn Hospital CenterGary G. Terrinoni
The New Jewish HomeJeffrey I. Farber, MD